Principal's Sunday Evening Message - February 21th

Principal's Sunday Evening Message - February 21th
Posted on 02/21/2021
Principal's Sunday Evening Message - February 21th

Good Evening Andover Star Parents,


This is YOUR Principal, Mr. Duncan with what we have going on over at Andover this upcoming week.


Parents, our Virtual Book Fair starts tomorrow, Monday February 22nd and runs all the way through Sunday, March 7th. As you know portion of each book purchased helps support our media center and helps fund all those programs that your kids love, like AR, I’d be grateful for your support in any way you can.


Our Kindergarten registration program is ongoing and we have posted registration information on the Andover Elementary web page as well as social media in hopes of making it a little easier for you to enroll your little ones with us. The information tells you what specific documents are needed to enroll your child into next year’s program. I am very excited about the new little STARS who will be joining the Andover Elementary Family.

This week in our cafeteria Monday students will enjoy Tangerine Chicken on a bed of white rice with Hard-shell Tacos on Tuesday. Wednesday were serving Grilled Cheese sandwiches with creamy tomato soup. On Thursday, we have a breaded Chicken Leg with Southern Biscuits finishing the week on Friday with Cheese Pizza Rippers and Marinara dipping sauce. My mouth is watering just thinking about that great food; Parents why don’t you give yourself a break this week and let your kids enjoy a meal in our café?


I know many of you are tired of hearing my voice all the time, especially when I call about COVID related announcements, I get it, it’s a lot. But it’s pretty serious business; When we have a confirmed report of a positive COVID case, we report it to the Florida Department of Health, they take charge and then tell US what to do next. They reply with information about who is quarantined, when they return, how parents are notified, in what time-frame, and in what order. As you can imagine, there is a LOT of oversight with this process, all the way to our Superintendent, Dr. Jenkins. The messages you receive from me are specific because it’s a policy of our School Board. I don’t “second guess” my direction from the FLDOH, and I tell YOU, what they tell ME. I am very much aware of the burden this places on families, especially if YOUR child has to be quarantined at home because another student in their child’s class is ill. I’ll always do my best to communicate information as soon as I can because we want everyone to be safe. It’s important that we have a consistent, responsible, coherent message across all of our platforms because our safety protocols ARE working. I appreciate your continued support and am always happy to explain details of the process if you have questions.


Our PTA and SAC meetings this Tuesday, February 23th starting at 3:30 for PTA and followed by the SAC meeting at 4:30. I am so grateful for the involvement of our PTA, especially THIS year, they fund so many programs that benefit ALL students here at Andover. Our SAC or School Advisory Council provides advice and counsel to the Principal on just about EVERYTHING school related and lets parents be even more involved in what happens at our school.


The PTA sponsored Andover Fun Run is this week over two different days, at two different times, to safely accommodate everyone. THIS year, to help social distance kids, only students who are raising money can actually participate in the Run. LaunchEd students will be in the bus loop from 4:00pm-6:00pm on Thursday afternoon, February 25th. F2F students will be participating through PE on Friday, February 26th. We have a VERY competitive bunch of classes and it’s a great way to benefit our PTA. You didn’t ask but YES, I’ll be out there too…working on trying to leave behind those COVID-19 pounds I seem to have picked up.


AND…that’s all I have for now...have a VERY stary night. Goodbye for now.



Mr. Kevin J. Duncan MA Ed.

Andover Elementary School