Principal's Sunday Evening Message - January 10th

Principal's Sunday Evening Message - January 10th
Principal's Sunday Evening Message - January 10th

Good Evening Andover Star Parents,

This is YOUR Principal, Mr. Duncan with what’s happening over at Andover for our first week back as we start the 2021 part of the school year.


I’m hoping your Holidays were spectacular!, our team of professional educators at Andover Elementary School are excited about welcoming your students back on campus this coming Tuesday morning so I hope you enjoy your last couple of days with your kids before your children return to us.


Well, there is lots to do in the 2nd half of our year and it’ll go VERY fast. First, let me express MY gratitude to the entire Andover Community for the way you expressed your concern for our staff here at Andover Elementary. You literally showered our entire staff with cards, keepsakes, baked goods, and gifts, before we left for the Holidays. 2020 was a really tough year for everyone but the way in which you reached out to make sure our staff was shown appreciation for their efforts was…just amazing. I am NOT surprised, just grateful…that we have the opportunity to educate your children, in such a caring community, so Thank YOU so VERY much!


Parents, if you traveled over the holidays or visited with people outside of your immediate family, double check your kids before sending them back to school. If you child is exhibiting any cold or flu like symptoms, has a fever, or is just generally NOT feeling well…please do not send them to school. We’ll make sure to excuse their absence and ensure they don’t fall behind academically. Also, remind your children that though the rest of the year, no matter WHAT happens with vaccine distribution, we will still be focusing on the safety protocols here that have paid off so well. Everyone will continue to have their temperature checked BEFORE entering our buildings, students will be monitored to ensure they wear masks properly, that they social distance as much and as far away from each other as possible, and to wash or disinfect their hands after every transition.


This Tuesday we are serving Grilled Cheese Sandwiches then we have Breakfast for Lunch on Wednesday with Omelets and Croissants. On Thursday we are presenting Mini-Cheeseburger Sliders and finish the week with Honey BBQ chicken wings on Friday.


I’m looking for additional parental involvement and members in both the Andover School Advisory Council (SAC) and our Parent Teacher Association (PTA). One of the ways parents can get involved through the School Advisory Council or (SAC) it’s a group that brings representatives and community members together to assist the school Principal, (that would be ME) with developing and evaluating our school improvement plan every year. The School Advisory Council is composed of the Principal, teachers, education support employees, parents, and community members. PTA supports the entire school and the many initiatives that benefit ALL our students and is a great way for you to give voice to the concerns of parents in the greater Andover Elementary Community. If you haven’t considered how you can help provide input and advice to our school, THIS is a perfect way to do so.


That’s it for this Sunday night, looking forward to seeing your children return to our campus on Tuesday morning January 5th, 2021 and that you have a VERY stary night, Goodbye for now.



Mr. Kevin J. Duncan MA Ed.

Andover Elementary School