February Message

  Perseverance – staying purposeful and committed. At school, we all encourage the children to believe in themselves and their talents, to always do their best and learn from their mistakes. With progress reports going home on February 15, please review and help your student set goals based on the feedback provided by teachers, and then encourage them to stick with it until they attain their goal.  Use this time to recognize the great work your child has been doing and help him/her set realistic goals.

   Attendance!  Every minute counts.   Attendance is a crucial factor in keeping kids on the right track.  Missing several days of school over the course of a year significantly reduces the likelihood that students will be successful.  Please work hard to establish important habits early in your student’s life. It will make a difference now and in the future. 

  Although attendance is very important and we love having students at school, it is important to remember that the best place for a sick child is at home.  Sick students should not return to school until a minimum of 24 hours has passed fever-free.

   It’s time for our annual parent survey. The purpose of this survey is to find your opinions about your child’s school.  The survey is completely confidential, takes about 10 minutes, and is available in English, Arabic, Chinese, Haitian Creole, Portuguese, and Spanish.  Completion of this survey is time sensitive.  Not only does this provide us with valuable feedback on our school, your participation helps us satisfy accreditation requirements. Please complete your survey today using this link:

   Finally, February is Black History Month, a time during which many events are planned nationwide to recognize and honor the contributions of African Americans.  There are many opportunities to learn about prominent and important African Americans in history, past and present.  As I personally reflect on this, I am inspired by the words penned by Dr. Maya Angelou in her poem entitled A Pledge to Rescue Our Youth.   We pledge ourselves and our resources to seek for you clean and well-furnished schools, safe and non-threatening streets, employment which makes use of your talents, but does not degrade your dignity.  You are the best we have.  You are all we have.  You are what we have become.  We pledge you our whole hearts from this day forward.”  Those words remind me of the importance of perseverance and working together to help our children learn and grow.
    Angela Clayton, Principal


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